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36 Years Of Experience!

Kettle Moraine Asphalt Maintenance LLC, located in North Prairie, WI, was started by Jeff Schmitt 36 years ago. We think building a good reputation has been a goal and a source of pride. Asphalt patching and asphalt seal coating are not an extension of our services but a necessary part of what we do. We like educating customers about possible and/or common problems is aspect of offering quality work.

We offer two types of “stamped asphalt”. One is a spray-on coating that you use with stencils to give a brick or stone look. This coating is sprayed on with a hopper gun and provides a decorative, non-skid surface on either asphalt or concrete. Infrared also provides us with another decorative asphalt option. This product; known as “Streetprint™”; uses infrared heating and wire mesh bars. After heating up the existing asphalt the wire is placed on the heated pavement. A compactor then presses the template into the asphalt, creating an imprint that looks like bricks. Colored sealer can be added to a Streetprint™ job to give the stamped asphalt a different color, or it can be used on its own as a sealer to color driveways or other asphalt surfaces.

We also offer tennis and other sports court coating using colored sealers.


Our professional crew is accustom to working with property managers, facility managers, home owners, small businesses and retail establishments.

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